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CardPOS Europe

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We're CardPOS Europe, specialists in card technologies. From Barcode and magnetic stripe to RFID, biometric and smart card.

We provide readers, writers/encoders, cards, tags and keyfobs as well as cleaning cards to keep your readers working to their full potential.

Whatever you need for your application we can help; if you cant see what you want on our site give us a call and we'll be happy to listen to what you need and help you find it.

We don't just shift boxes of tech. We like to work with you to ensure you purchase the most suitable product for your application.

Official PROMAG Distributor.

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Latest Blog Posts

Promag UHF RFID Readers – Long Range RFID

Promag long range UHF reader and antenna are ideal for many applications such as access control, car parking and time & attendance.

CP900 – RFID Cashless Payment Reader

The CP900 is ideal for use in school, college & university cafeteria, corporate restaurants, gaming / vending machines & more. The cashless payment reader features some impressive, configurable controls such as multiple relay triggering modes, variable LED colour, deduction, LCD text, buzzer and membership level

Portable RFID Authentication & Data Capture for Mobile Access Control & Attendance

PCR200 and MFR200 are compact RFID data capture devices with whitelist function designed to work indoors or outdoors for mobile attendance / access control. Ideal for use at events, exhibitions, work sites or offices. The whitelist function can be used to authenticate admission for events,

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