Bancor K2s - Multi-Document Scanner

For scanning of bank, ID and other documents

Bancor K2s is a new high performance device for electronicmanagement of bank, ID and other documents.

The K2s scanner gives a rapid return on investment (ROI) as itcreates a dramatic reduction in behind-the-counter operations.

Scans and decodes documents simultaneously on both sidesup to A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm) also rigid documents up to carddimension (8.60 x 5.40 cm).

A single instrument for electronic document management(EDM), bills & means of payment, electronic data interchange(EDI), remote deposit capture (RDC) and SoHo (remote bankingapplications) and retail applications.

Specifically designed for bank documents, cheques, bills, bankdeposit slips, post office deposit slips, cash orders, passports, IDcards, driving licences and plastic cards.

Can be expanded to read magnetic badges, read/write smartcards, read RFID tags and feed documents automatically,Front and rear images are acquired in 256 levels of gray or 24bit colour up to 300dpi resolution allowing subsequentprocessing, such as decoding (ICR, OCR, Bar Codes), checkingsignatures, etc.

Electronic managementDocument images and any code lines can be transmitted inreal time or stored in the memory for subsequent processing.