Magtek Excella STX - Cheque Scanner / MICR Reader / ID Card Reader

Front and back cheque image and ID card image scanning, MICR line & magnetic card reader

Excella STX is a cheque scanner that scans the front and/or back images of cheques, reads the MICR line and can scan a single side of an ISO size ID card. It even has an integrated magnetic card reader.

Important features and functions:

* Single-feed cheque operation
* cheque scanner can scan front and back
* Single-side scanning of standard 'credit card' size ID cards
* Color scanning available
* Optional 3-Track swipe reader with MagnePrint
* Interfaces: USB 2.0 and Ethernet 100baseT
* Built-in Web server
* Small footprint
* Easy access to path and scan bars for maintenance and cleaning
* API and protocol compatible with MagTek's Excella (auto-feed scanner)

Excella STX offers a viable and affordable alternative to implement image capture at the earliest entry points for cheque payments.


Operational features:
* Reads MICR before endorsing; MICR data can be evaluated before endorsing
* Front cheque scanning before franking; printed message can be excluded from front image
* Easy access to scan bars, printer cartridges, and cheque path
* Visible LED indicators to provide visual device status
* Alignment sensors to ensure proper cheque feeding; LED's will indicate proper cheque entry

MICR Reading:
* E13B or CMC7
* MICR Data formats compatible with previous MICR cheque readers and scanners from MagTek

Image Scanning:
* Captures front and back image of cheque
* Resolution: 200 dpi (scaling to 100 dpi)
* Image rendition: black/white, grayscale, color
* Image compression: CCITT G4 (black/white) or JPEG (grayscale)
* Image files: TIFF 6.0, JFIF with EXIF tags, BMP
* Image storage memory: optional thru standard storage memory devices
* Single-side ID Scanning: alternate entry to scan standard ID cards

Image Quality:
* Reports on standard image defects for image quality control

Image Security:
* Digital signature for image file authentication

Document Handling:
* Single feed

* Franking (front of the cheque) and endorsing (back of the cheque)
* Stationary ink jet printer; message height: 1/8' consisting of 12 pixels
* Prints horizontal message; message is programmable
* Internal fonts available; support for downloadable bitmap fonts

Card Reading:
* Optional 3-Track magnetic stripe reader with MagnePrint

* USB 2.0; USB 1.1 compatible
* Ethernet 100baseT
* Interfaces and API compatible with Excella

* Lenght: 9.4 in
* Width: 6.3 in
* Height: 6.3 in

* 4.3 lb

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