Transaction Journal 3 Professional

Cheque Scanner Manual & Auto/Multiple Feed. Front & back of cheque captured. Network option.

TJ3 Professional is a versatile cheque and cash processing system for corporate organisations and bank branches. It is made up of 3 components as follows:

* Transaction Manager
* TJ3 Client
* Transaction Finder

The system automatically images and captures printed and written information from cheques and credits using a workflow that provides configurable data input, verification, balancing and approvals processing. During the processing of items, cash transactions can be added to batches allowing mixed bankage if required.
TJ3 Professional also fulfils the role of storing and retrieving information for the Proceeds of Crime Act requirements allowing items to be kept for many years, but instantly available on request.

TJ3 Professional Client:
TJ3 Professional is a teller or corporate user application that captures cheque images and data of items in a transaction set. All code-line data, date and amount are captured as well as a single or double side image depending on the type of capture device. Additional fields are available for including information regarding the payee, payer, destination account and other information that may be required to be searched on. The amount recognition facility enables the system to read the handwritten or typed amount of an item to be interpreted, thereby reducing the amount of time required to carry out keying.
The system contains a configurable workflow that allows specified users to:

* Input data: amount correction and data input of other configurable fields as well as scan new items
* Verify: amount correction only
* Balance: scan and input credit details.
* Approve: this supervisory function allows the user to approve one or more batches of work allowing export of details to other systems such as accounts and spreadsheets
* Unapprove: this supervisory function would be used to correct any transactions that have been found to be erroneous after processing has been completed. Should only be used as a last resort

Transaction sets are balanced by the system and any incorrect sets cannot be processed until they have balanced. The system allows for multiple transaction types, work types and accounts and allows transaction sets with or without a credit.

TJ3 Professional provides a micro image archive and a database of all data items for all transactions sets processed on a particular workstation. At regular intervals (to be decided by the user), the transactions are passed to the Transaction Manager to collate all transactions from local TJ4s. This facility can happen in real time or at preset intervals.

TJ3 Professional has a full disaster recovery facility as all transactions can be saved to CD or DVD on a regular basis to ensure no loss of data.

TJ3 Professional Specifications:
* Image capture (double or single sided depending on the type of scanner)
* MICR data capture
* OCR data capture (optional)
* Courtesy amount recognition and legal amount recognition
* Data validation
* Date and time stamp for transactions
* Transaction set balancing
* Transaction and image enquiry facility
* Automatic micro image archive (encrypted)
* Automatic micro all items database
* Data disguise security symbol reader/interpreter (optional)
* Substitute credit facility
* Browser based
* Local disaster recovery

* Pentium PC
* Optional CD/DVD Writer
* Browser
* Image Capture Device
* Network Connectivity