Transaction Journal 3

Cheque scanner Manual & Auto/Multiple Feed. Front & back of cheque captured

TJ 3, a member of the Transaction Manager family, is a breakthrough business tool that provides users with the facility to read the code line of a cheque or credit and also read the written or printed amount of the item.

Each item captured can have a name or value, such as a client account number, assigned to it so that you can extract information by client rather than by batch.

The cheques, credits and cash dockets are imaged by the system at the same time as reading the code line (if available) and all details are then stored on your PC for future retrieval with search keys. This means that you can retrieve any cheque, credit or cash item very simply and print them as required.

The system also allows you to print images of whole batches of cheques, credits and cash slips as well as a balanced banking list. T3 assists Solicitors and Accounts departments with retarecords for Anti-Money Laundering legislation

Transaction Journal 3? Benefits

* High speed capture of cheque and credit images
* Verification of cheque authenticity detecting MICR line
* Other Anti-Fraud measures
* Reduced manpower for processing
* High speed retrieval of cheque image and value details
* Reduced manpower for retrieval
* No bank charges for item retrieval
* Storage of items for Ant-Money Laundering requirements
* Export of captured information to accounting systems Summary
* Better service to your customers
* Cost savings
* Productivity gains
* Compliance

Features and Functions of Transaction Journal 3:

* SQL database
- All information captured stored in an SQL database

* Automatic feed and collection of Items
- Various speed capture devices

* Double-sided image capture
- Double sided display

* Automatic amount recognition
- Capture
- Verification

* Magnetic code line read
- Information captured

* Data input
- Batch detail
- Item detail

* Various capture types
- Proof of deposit
- Cheque only
- POD/Amount entry

* Bankage Listing
- With or without images

* Signature Present
- Identifies items with no signature present

* XML export
- Export of all Items to other applications such as accounts

* Full audit trail
- Contains information about users and changes to the database

* Comprehensive search engine
- Ranges
- Amounts
- References
- Codes
- Accounts
- Batches
- Credits
- Debits
- Etc