Magnetic and Smart Card Reader IPA Cleaning Cards

Clean debit/credit card readers, hotel door locks, swipe and Dip ATM & security card readers

The Pre-saturated, double sided, IPA cleaning card eliminates card read errors by safely and effectively removing contamination from magnetic read heads, smart card reader points, optical sensors and guide paths.

Dirty Card Readers? Improve Reader Performance!

Regular use of presaturated cleaning cards makes magnetic card and smart card reading equipment perform better and last longer.

Passing a magnetic stripe card over a dirty read head causes damage to the card and to the reader head. In a dirty manufacturing environment, badges may last only a few hundred operations. By improving the card reader performance, workers on the factory floor can focus on their jobs, rather than data entry. In the retail sector, retailers can reduce the rate of failure of pin pads with regular use of cleaning cards. Customers are less likely to experience annoying delays at the point of sale when readers work well.

Double-sided cleaning cards provide a one pass cleaning solution. These cards are made with compressible fibres for better cleaning performance. They contain enough IPA cleaning solution to clean magnetic read heads, tracks and rollers in a single pass. The disposable cleaning cards ensure contaminants will not be re-introduced to the readers. Because cleaning products are convenient and easy to use, employees will find it simple to carry out preventative maintenance.

The pre-saturated IPA cleaning card is particularly useful for toll/transit systems, the vending industry, and institutional use.

Cleaning cards benefit applications ranging from retail POS and banking to automatic credit/debit card readers such as ATM's, Kiosks / Vending Machines etc.
Using top-quality cleaning cards saves your company time and money that would otherwise be spent on repairing readers or replacing them altogether.

To maintain maximum card read rate by using as part of your preventative maintenance program on a regular basis.

Use on
* Magnetic card readers (Insert, Motorised, Swipe etc.)
* Smart card readers
* Chip and PIN terminals
* ATM terminals
* Slot/Vending machines
* Petroleum pump card readers
* Hotel door locks
* Optical / Barcode readers
* ID Badge readers

Recommended Usage...
* Once per week for internal, low usage Card Readers
* Once per day for external, or high usage Card Readers
   or immediately after a misread / read error

Contains: 99%  Isopropyl Alcohol
Card size: 54 x 114mm

Key Features

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Card size: 54 x 114mm
  • Disposable/Single use.