Promag DT105U / DT105R Cash Drawer Trigger

Allows a cash drawer to be triggered via USB or RS-232

DT105U (DT105R) Cash Drawer Trigger is designed to provide USB (or RS-232) interfacing to the cash drawer. This allows the cash drawer, which has previously been connected to a POS printer or cash register, to be directly connected to a USB (or RS-232) port of a computer.

This means that the cash drawer can be directly triggered by the computer via the DT105 when there is no printer within the POS system.

The DT105 cash drawer trigger will open the cash drawer when it receives the trigger command or the RTS/DTR signal control from the computer.

OPOS driver available.

Key Features

  • Cash drawer can be directly connected to the computer with DT105
  • DT105R - RS232 interface
  • DT105U - USB interface
  • OPOS driver available
  • DT105U USB Trigger uses a VSPD (Virtual Serial Port Driver) which makes it behave like a standard RS-232 port