Tibbo DS1000 - 4 x RS232 BASIC-programmable Industrial Controller

Based on the EM1000 Module, One 100BaseT Ethernet port, x4 high-speed RS232 ports

Featuring four RS232 ports, the new DS1000 is the first member of Tibbo\'s new DS10xx family of BASIC-programmable Industrial Controllers.

The DS1000 is a winning combination of substance and style. Rugged yet streamlined, its waterproof* housing combines mechanical strength with an elegant appearance that will set the DS1000 apart from other devices on your DIN rail.

As for what the DS1000 actually does -- this is all up to you. Its functionality is wholly determined by whatever Tibbo BASIC application it is running. Tibbo BASIC allows you to create rich web-enabled applications supporting browser-based configuration, direct TCP and UDP communications, email, data storage, etc. Thus, the DS1000 is perfectly suited to work as an intelligent serial controller, serial device server, or serial communications gateway.

Powerful Hardware...

* Based on the EM1000 Module:
o 88MHz purpose-buit CPU;
o 512/1024K onboard flash disk;
o Real-time clock with backup power;
o Optional wireless comms**.
* One 100BaseT Ethernet port.
* 4 high-speed RS232 serial ports:
o Baudrates up to 920Kbps;
o TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR lines;
o Automatic flow control.
* Numerous status LEDs:
o Main status LEDs;
o Ethernet link status LEDs;
o Led bard (for RF signal strength)**;
o 4 pairs of red and green LEDs for serial channel status indication.
* Built-in buzzer.
* 9-18V power supply range.
* Internal firmware upgradeable through the serial port or network.
* Extruded profile aluminum body.
* Optional secondary cover waterproofs the device.
* DIN-rail mounting.

...Programmable in Tibbo BASIC

* Executes your application written in Tibbo BASIC.
* Absolute flexibility - functionality of the DS1000 depends on loaded Tibbo BASIC application.
* Supplied with TIDE -- a comprehensive development environment featuring seamless cross-debugging.
* Integrated web server (HTTP) with dynamic content generation.
* Numerous high-level objects speed up and simplify coding. Available objects include:
o Sock- up to 16 simultaneous TCP or UDP connections;
o Ser- UART communications;
o Io- control serial port lines;
o Stor- read to and write from the EEPROM;
o Romfile- add static (ROM) data to your project;
o And more...
* Learn about programming with Tibbo BASIC here.

* The device is waterproof when used with a properly installed secondary cover.

** Avaiability of optional wireless add-ons to be announced later.