Tibbo EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module

For data collection / control / automation

The EM1000 is a third-generation Tibbo Ethernet module built exclusively for use with TAIKO - Tibbo\'s rapid programming solution that includes Tibbo BASIC language, Tibbo IDE software, and TiOS operating system.

The hardware of the EM1000 offers all necessary components to build a full-featured data collection/ control/ automation system equipped with serial ports, card reader inputs, digital I/O, keypad, LCD, buzzer, and real-time clock.

50 MIPS of processing power, 100BaseT Ethernet, and high-speed UARTs deliver the performance suitable for demanding real-time applications, while multi-process TiOS operating system ensures operational stability and responsiveness not always found even on larger and much more expensive systems.

Powerful Hardware...

* Compact dimensions (38.4x28.4x5.5mm).
* 50 MIPS purpose-built CPU.
* One 100BaseT Ethernet port.
* x4 high-speed TTL serial ports:
- Baudrates up to 1.8Mbps;
- Full- and half-duplex comms*;
- Support for Wiegand, clock/data i/f;
- Optional automatic flow control.
* 512/1024K onboard flash disk.
* Real-time clock with backup power**.
* SPI port for future extensions.
* x49 general-purpose I/O lines.
* x4 status LED control lines.
* Variable-frequency buzzer control pin.
* Low-power (230mA@3.3V).
* Internal firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.

Programmable in Tibbo BASIC

* Executes your application written in Tibbo BASIC.
* Absolute flexibility - think of the EM1000 as a miniature computing platform.
* Supplied with TIDE -- a comprehensive development environment featuring seamless cross-debugging.
* Integrated web server (HTTP) with dynamic content generation.
* Numerous high-level objects speed up and simplify coding. Available objects include:
- Sock- up to 16 simultaneous TCP or UDP connections;
- Ser- UART communications;
- Io- control serial port lines;
- Stor- read to and write from the EEPROM;
- Romfile- add static (ROM) data to your project;
- And more...
* Learn about programming with Tibbo BASIC here.

* Full-duplex mode is suitable for RS232 and RS422 comms., half-duplex mode- for RS485 comms. RS232/422/485 transceivers are not built in.

** \'-S\' modification of the EM1000 features onboard backup supercapacitor.