Promag MFR200 Portable MIFARE® Data Collector

Portable MIFARE RFID data capture for school/college attendance, events access control and other applications

MFR200 is a compact, portable mobile data capture device designed to work indoors or outdoors.

The MFR200 is well suited to schools/colleges, events, exhibitions, work sites or offices.

MFR200 comes with user friendly software to configure the device and the whitelist feature which can be used to identify and allow/deny admission for events, access control or work shifts etc.

The battery powered readers scan MIFARE or Felica RFID contactless cards and can show not only the scanned card/tag number but also associated user configured (whitelisted) names and descriptions.

RFID Card: 13.56Mhz MIFARE Classic (1K/4K), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE DESFire
LED Status Indicator: Green/Red LED for operation and battery status.
LCD Display: FSTN 101x67 dots
Memory size: 2MB (User configurable)
Battery power: Single-cell AAA 1.5V DC
Power supply from cable: DC5V, 200mA
Interface: USB or RS232
Safety Certificate: FCC/CE
Dimensions: L58 x D20 x H47mm
Operation Temp: 0~55 deg C
Humidity: 10~90% relative

Ordering information
MFR200 - RS232 interface
MFR200U - USB Interface

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.

Key Features

  • Data collection mode: 65,536 records
  • Whitelist / Access Control mode:
    Up to 32,768 records
  • Compact Design (58 x 20 x 47mm)
  • Configure device & whitelists via included software.