Promag DSP820 - LCD Graphic Customer Pole Display

240 x 64 pixels with backlight, up to 20 x 4 characters(4 lines)

Promag DSP820 LCD Graphic Customer Display is a simply designed POS system peripheral device. It can be used with ECR, POS system to display the purchased items, prices and amount to the customer in local language.It is also capable of showing a message with image.


+ Graphic LCD display 240 x 64 pixels with backlight
+ Text paging up to 20 x 4 characters(4 lines)
+ Large font(8x6mm), easy to read
+ Display character(Character set) in ASCII code
+ Graphic mode, display a graphic file in BMP format(Bitmap)
+ Separate Brightness and Contrast controls, easy to reach
+ Adjustable display panel provides the best viewing angle up to 30 degrees
+ Adjustable support pole provides the best installation
+ Height adjustable from 380mm to 550mm
+ RS-232 interface, 19200, N, 8, 1
+ Hardware handshaking
+ Power saving (switch off backlight) after a while after the last command
+ ActiveX Control Support
+ Universal String Support for Microsoft Windows System (DSP820-10 only)
+ ISP(In-System-Program) Support, Upgrade or OEM/ODM by internet(DSP820-10 only)


+ Graphic LCD Display
+ LCD display mode: FSTN, black and white
+ View area: 133 x 39mm
+ Number of dots: 240 x 64 dots
+ Back light: CCFL
+ Dot pitch: 0.53mm
+ Number of characters: 20 x 4(4 lines)
+ Character font: 15(H) x 11(W) dot matrix
+ Graphic mode: graphic file in BMP format
+ Brightness: slide control
+ Contrast: slide control
+ Power supply: DC 12V 500mA


+ Display unit: 110(H) x 230(W) x 45(D)mm
+ Support pole: telescopic pole adjustable from 270mm to 440mm with diameter 38mm
+ Base: 12(H)mm with diameter 80mm
+ Tilt angle: up to 30 degrees
+ Horizontal rotation: 360 degrees
+ Weight: approx. 820 grams

+ Operating temperature: 5~45 deg. C
+ Storage temperature: -10~50 deg. C
+ Humidity: 10~85% relative

Available versions

+ High foot: 270 to 440mm adjustable
+ Low foot: 35mm

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.