Promag DSP850 - Double-Face/Single-Face Customer Pole Display

Up to 20 x 2 characters (2 lines)

Promag DSP850 Customer Display is simply designed POS system peripheral device. Available in RS-232 interface.
It is for use with ECR, POS system to display the purchased prices and the amount of change to customers. It is also capable of displaying an advertising message.


+ Display up to 40 characters (20 columns X 2 lines)
+ Large font (9.2 x 6.4mm) is easy to read.
+ The vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) provides a wide viewing angle, long life, high reliability and high display quality.
+ The blue-green display color is gentle to the eyes.
+ The display panel is adjustable to provide the best viewing angle up to 30 degrees.
+ Support pole is height adjustable from 380mm to 550mm.
+ User-defined messages can be downloaded.
+ International character sets.
+ Advertising message.
+ RS-232C interface, with baud rates selectable from 300 to 9600 BPS for serial interface model.


+ Display unit: H85 x W230 x D58mm
+ Support pole: Telescopic pole from 270mm to 440mm with diameter 38mm
+ Base: H12mm with 80mm diameter
+ Tilt angle: 30 degrees
+ Horizontal rotation: 360 degrees
+ Weight approx. 850 grams

Available versions

+ Double-face display version DSP852
+ Single-face display version DSP851

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.