Promag DSP830 - LCD Special Character Pole Display

240 x 64 pixels with backlight, up to 30 x 4 characters(4 lines)

Promag DSP830 Customer Display is a simply designed POS system peripheral device. Available in serial interface or USB interface. Ideal for ECR, POS system to display the purchased prices and the amount of change to customers. Also it is capable to show the Traditional-Chinese /Simplified-Chinese message and image. Thai version and Arabic version are available.


+ User-defined images can be downloaded
+ 2 entry modes available
+ Provides CCFL backlight for gentle to the eyes
+ The display panel is adjustable to provide the best viewing angle up to 30 degrees
+ The support pole is adjustable to provide the best system installation.
+ Provides an interface based on RS-232C with baud rates selectable from 1200 to 115200 bps.


+ LCD Display: Graphic FSTN LCD CCFL backlight, 240 x 64 pixels View area: 133 x 39 mm Dot pitch 0.53 x 0.53mm
+ Number of characters: Alphanumeric 120 characters (30 columns x 4 lines) 60 Simplified/ Traditional Chinese characters ( 15 columns x 4 lines )
+ Character type: Alphanumeric 8 x 16 dots, Simplified/Traditional Chinese 16 x 16 dots
+ View area: H39 x W133mm
+ Power: 12V DC 400mA
+ Physical Dimension:
- Display: H85 x W230 x D44 mm
- Base: D115x W235xH47 mm
+ Support pole:
- High foot: 42.75 cm
- Low foot: 18.25 cm
+ Tilt angle: 30 degree MAX
+ Horizontal rotation: 300 degrees
+ Weight: Approx. 970 grams
+ Interface: Serial interface model: RS-232C
+ Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55 Deg C

Available versions

+ DSP830-00: Chinese char. version (Simplified / Traditional)
+ DSP830-25: Arabic char. version
+ Thai character version available on request
+ Japanese character version available on request

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.