Promag GS1100 - Guardscan: Mobile Time Data Collection Terminal

Mobile Time & Attendance RFID data collection terminal
Memory: 14320 records

Instead of the conventional Time & Attendance Terminals which are wall-mount or desktop devices , Promag GS1100 Mobile Time & Attendance terminal provides more flexibility and mobility.

Personnel can clock in and clock out whenever and whenever.GS1100 is a mobile Time & Attendance data collection terminal based on RFID technology. When an ID-card is read by the terminal, a new database record is created. Each record contains the ID-code of the ID-card that was recorded together with the Data/Time stamp. All records are kept in the highly reliable internal database memory. The accumulated data is uploaded into the PC using the 'Monitor' software is also used to setup the functioning parameters (Settings) of the mobile terminals.

In addition to the application of the Mobile Time & Attendance, this terminal is also good for the application of Guard Tour Monitoring Systems.

* One-touch operation: pressing a 'Scan' button activates the GUARDSCAN. After ID-Card is read, its ID-code is stored in the memory together with the Date/Time stamp.
* Memory capacity: 14320 records
* Uses one alkaline battery, easy to replace.
* Up to 50,000 scans on a full heavy-duty battery
* Operating temperature: -10 to +50 Deg. C
* RS232 or USB Interface


Internal RFID reader ; 125 Khz ; ASK Format : 64bits ; Manchester coding ; Transponder data : 10 digits in Hex ID code.

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


Mobile Time & Attendance
Guard Tour Monitoring System
Remote Equipment Inspection Management
Goods Delivery, Transportation Management


Patrol Manager - Application software for Guard Tour Monitoring Systems