AK-440-T Mini Keyboard with Trackball (USB/PS2)

Rugged 86 Key notebook style layout
Self-cleaning trackball.

Built like no other space saver keyboard.
Rugged 86 Key notebook style layout with 104/105 Windows? functions.
Reliable membrane key switch technology rated to 25 Million actuations
Features a self-cleaning trackball.

* Point of Sale
* Server Racks
* Kiosks
* Anywhere space is at a premium

* Full compliance with the USB Specification Rev. 1.1

* USB or PS/2

Supply Voltage:
* 5V +/- 5% DC 100mA (From computer, no external power supply is needed)

* Self cleaning 40 Packets per/second
Dimensions: 292 x 142 x 30 (mm)

Weight: 1.2Kg (2.6lbs)

Operating Temp: 0? to +50?C

Storage Temp: 20? to +60?C

Key switch technology:
* Membrane
* Rated to 25 Million Actuations

Available Versions:
* AK-440TU-B/US - USB, Black, US English Layout
* AK-440TP-B/US - PS/2, Black, US English Layout