Promag MSR120-CP - Portable Anti-Fraud Data Collector

Portable magnetic stripe reader with LCD for data verification. Will NOT collect bank card data

Mini Portable Magnetic Stripe Reader with LCD / Data Verification with added anti-card fraud feature.

Promag MSR120-CP is a mini portable battery-powered magnetic stripe reader with LCD and built-in real time clock for Data verification and data collection applications.
MSR120-CP is designed for card swiping data collection anytime and anywhere without computer connectivity.

How does MSR120-CP work?

The Data is read by the MSR120-CP card reader, shown on the display and kept in the memory with a time stamp and downloaded to the computer.
If the swiped card is a Bank / Credit Card the data is not collected.


  • Anti Card-Fraud Feature
  • 512K bytes memory for storing data
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) and back-up capacitor
  • Battery-powered portable, small footprint
  • Magnetic stripe reader can read all 3 tracks
  • LED status
  • LCD display (102 X 68 dots)
  • Auto off for power saving
  • Low battery indicator
  • Memory full indicator