Promag MF5 - MIFARE® Read / Write OEM Module

The MF5 is a tiny 13.56MHz MIFARE card read / write module

The Promag MF5 is a tiny MIFARE card read / write module, which is designed for applications of 13.56Mhz technology for handy terminal or custom-built for system integrators.

By using MF5 reader / writer (module) and the encoder software, customers can implement their own applications and define security keys themselves.

* Frequency: 13.56 MHz
* Read / Write ISO 14443A ; MIFARE cards
* Fast data transfer
* High data integrity
* True anticollision
* MF5 read / write module for handy terminal or custom-built.


Major Feature: Read / Write Module
RF Frequency: 13.56Mhz
RF Distance: Depend on antenna
DC Power: 5V / 100mA
RS232: 19200,N,8,1
Interface : RS232 TTL
Protocol : GNET PLUS
Card Type : ISO 14443A MIFARE Class
Memory : No
Dimension (mm) : W26 x L36 x H11
Housing : No
Weight : 10g
Operating temperature : -10 to 60 Deg C
Operating relative humidity : 10 ~ 90%

MIFARE Ultralight® Standard 1K; Standard 4K

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

Available Versions:

* MF5 : Read / Write Module only
* MF5 + Start Kit: Development kit with read / write software + AC Adaptor + communction cable + MIFARE card x 3pcs

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.