Magtek Magnesafe Intellihead - Low Profile 3 Track Encypting Magnetic Head

TTL, SPI & USB interfaces. Encrypting & Non-encrypting versions available.

The MagneSafe™ IntelliHead is is more than just a magnetic read head. It delivers unmatched protection from the inside by capturing more robust magnetic information for next generation security solutions.

This heavy duty small bracket holds a pre-aligned reader/authenticator ready for snap-in installation.
All of its processing power and communication circuitry is located within the mounted authentication sensor. As a result, the MagneSafe IntelliHead sets new standards for small size, enhanced security, increased noise immunity and excellent environmental resistance-all with complete compatibility to existing reading applications.

MagneSafe IntelliHead offers support for TTL, SPI & USB interfaces.

Non-encrypting and Encrypting (Magnesafe) versions available.

MagneSafe Card and Data Authentication.
Encryption is a preventative measure that protects cardholder data at rest and in transit at various points through the payment infrastructure.

Encryption, however, does not protect cardholder data that exists outside of the network. Here, data is widely available from other data capture venues such as pocket skimmers, unattended gas pumps, phishing and pharming sites and telephone scammers.

The multi-layer security of MagneSafe adds the unmatched protection both cardholders and relying parties require through sophisticated card, device and data authentication methods that assure a valid transaction.

More info on the Magtek website: MagneSafe PCI 2.0 Encrypting Magnetic Head

Key Features

  • Ideal for PCI 2.0 applications
  • Triple DES Encryption
  • DUKPT Key Management
  • MagnePrint Card Authentication
  • Tokenization
  • Device & Host Authentication
  • 3-track card reader (for ISO and AAMVA cards)
  • Designed-in security from the start
  • Media sensing counterfeit detection
  • TTL, SPI & USB Interfaces
  • Remote key loading
  • Masked track data
  • Quick testing and start up