Magtek MT215 - Dual Head Magnetic Insert Reader (USB)

RS232 or TTL,Dual head minimises incorrect card insertion


* Powered through the USB - no external power supply required

* Single or dual read head - Configuration can be single or dual read head

* Mag-Stripe reading during insertion and/or removal of card for reliable card reading

* Reads encoded data that meets ANSI/ISO/CDL/AAMVA standards

* JIS Discrimination circuitry - automatically detects if a dual-stripe JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) card is inserted

* Reads up to two tracks of card data

* Error reduction for withdrawal reads by using good insert read data

* Compatible with USB HID specification Revision 1.1

* Programmable read direction (insert, withdrawal or both)

* Isolated PCB ? isolates electronics from debris and liquids

* Beam-mounted Read-heads - improves card tracking capabilities

* Rugged Chassis and Bezel Material - improves temperature and impact performance

* Open Chassis Design - provides superior debris clearing capability

* Half-card Drop Out - allows half-size credit cards and coins to be cleared from insert channel


Height: 1.24 in (31,50 mm)

Width: 3.51 in (89,15 mm)

Length: 4.4 in (111,76 mm)

With Flat Bezel

Height: 3 in (76,2 mm)

Width: 4 in (101,60 mm)

Length: 4.58 in (116,33 mm)

Cable length: 6 ft