Promag 125Khz & 13.56MHz RFID Modules

125Khz RFID (RF310) & 13.56MHz (RF320) OEM Module

Promag RF310 and RF320 are low cost, high performance proximity / RFID reader modules featuring low power and small dimensions.

The modules allow existing installations or applications to upgrade seamlessly, keeping most of their hardware architecture.

These high performance 125Khz RFID (RF310) and 13.56MHz (RF320) oem modules offer a read range of up to 30mm

Ordering Information

125Khz RFID Module
RF310U USB (HID Keyboard)
RF310R RS232
RF310L Serial (UART)

13.56MHz Module
RF320U 13.56MHz USB (HID Keyboard) module
RF320R 13.56MHz RS232 module
RF320L 13.56MHz Serial (UART) module

Available with 3 mounting types...

Key Features

  • Low Profile
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Read distance upto 30mm
  • 125Khz or 134.2Khz (RF310)
  • 13.56MHz (RF320)
  • Read UID Only
  • USB, RS232 or Serial(UART)