IT-Locks RFID Enrolment Reader PC Security

125kHz RFID card based desktop security & enrolment for PC's & laptops

IT-Locks provides proximity / rfid card reader based desktop security for PC\'s and laptops.

IT-Locks also includes a software driver to provide a keyboard wedge. In this mode, when the button is pressed, the desktop rfid reader automatically displays the electronic card number in any application ie Word, Excel and any other third party application.

Simply removing the card from the small desktop rfid reader blocks the PC and monitor instantly from unauthorised users. Unlike Windows passwords, the proximity / rfid card cannot be copied or duplicated.
IT-Locks leaves your data secure and can co-exist with Windows security or other third party software applications. Hard disk data remains unchanged.

IT-Locks instantly secures your keyboard, monitor and mouse and is ideal for open plan offices, training rooms, colleges and other areas where you do not want others to have access.

The privacy button in IT-Locks instantly blacks out the screen from prying eyes on confidential data and by pressing the button again reinstates the screen for immediate use. The compact desktop rfid reader connects to the USB port on your PC, requiring no external power supply or other devices. Simply installing the easy to navigate software and IT-Locks is up and running.