Promag Ethernet RFID Time Recorder - TR610

RFID and MIFARE® Versions Available

The TR610 is a simple, user friendly ethernet network RFID time recorder.

The bright LCD display and four buttons make up the user-friendly interface. Familiar icons help users quickly learn how to clock in & out.
The display also shows the current time, date and memory status and can also be used to configure the device. (Using an administrator "Master card")

Ethernet connectivity makes the TR610 easy to administer remotely. Administrators can use the TR610's built-in, password protected, web admin interface to remotely manage all device settings and download or search the internal event log.

The TR610 also comes with a very versatile software solution called AggreGate Time and Attendance. This was developed to dovetail with the TR610 and provide administration and reporting facilities.

The TR610 can also automatically synchronize the internal clock with an Internet time server, so that the time is always correct.

Open Source... System integrators and developers may also be interested to know that the TR610 is internally based on Tibbo BASIC, and its application is open-source and may be obtained freely and customized.


  • Bright, clear LCD display
  • Uses RFID (Proximity) technology - 125K (TR610R) and MIFARE (TR610MF)
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • RS232 serial port for connecting external serial devices (such as a barcode scanner)
  • Two relays to control external loads, such as an electric bell and a turnstile
  • "White list" functionality for specifying which users trigger relays
  • Internal flash memory stores approx. 17,500 event log records
  • Wall-mount or desktop operation (display image orientation may be configured)
  • Internal backup battery for the real-time clock keeps time accurate for up to 7 days with no external power
  • Firmware may be upgraded through the network or serial port
  • Built-in web administration interface ("web admin")
  • IP address configuration using DHCP
  • Time/Date synchronization through SNTP (time-zone can be preset)
  • Works with Tibbo AggreGate
  • Internal application written in Tibbo BASIC and may be changed or customized

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.