MICR Reader / Cheque Scanner Cleaning Card

MICR Cleaning Cards for removal of contaminants from cheque reader drive rollers and MICR heads

Pre-saturated, disposable MICR reader / cheque scanner cleaning cards are designed to easily and effectively remove contaminants safely from the cheque scanner rubber drive rollers, track area and magnetic read heads.

Prevent Costly Repair/Replacement of Cheque Scanners

Cheque scanner and MICR reader failures are linked to poor maintenance. Contaminants brought into the equipment by dirty cheques and environmental conditions damage the read heads, belts, and rollers. The not-so-hidden costs of neglect include customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls, and early equipment failure.

What can you do to reduce the risk of damage to your equipment?

Establish a cleaning program using a product designed specifically for cleaning cheque readers and scanners. Cleaning should be convenient for operators and scheduled at consistent intervals (e.g. when you service your equipment) This will greatly reduce unexpected and unproductive downtime.

Our cleaning cards make it easy to follow a regular maintenance schedule. You will increase profits, extend the life of your equipment, and ensure optimal performance.

To maintain maximum cheque read rate by using a preventative maintenance program on a regular basis.

Use on
* MICR Readers
* MICR Scanners
* MICR Processors
* OCR & ICR Readers

Recommended Usage
Once per week or more often as heavy usage conditions may dictate.

Contains: 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Key Features

  • Contains: 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Disposable/Single use