Promag MF700 MIFARE® Sector Reader / Development Kit

Configurable MIFARE sector data reader. Can read MIFARE MAD1/MAD2 standard cards


Promag MF700 is an user configurable MIFARE sector data reader. It can be configured to read MIFARE card with MAD1/MAD2 standard in a MIFARE application open system, or can be configured to read the user-defined sector data (Non-MAD) in a user defined closed system.
Output interface is able to configure as an RS232 output or Wiegand output or ABA TK2. For Wiegand output is selectable from 26 bits to 128 bits.
MF700 also can be set with a Reader ID number for multi-unit communication. In addition MF700 is not only read sector data (or/and card serial number) on MIFARE card, also can Read/Write the card through the "MF5 Command Mode" from the Host.


* Available install on metal surface.
* Support MAD1/MAD2 standard and customer MAD-AID setting.
* Support Non-MAD format with user-defined sector number.
* Anti-Collision
* Support Multi Sectors.
* Read MIFARE 4K or MIFARE 1K card.
* Set Reader ID number for multi-link application.
* Three output interfaces: Wiegand (Default)/RS232/ABA TK2
* Wiegand output is selectable from 26 bits to 128 bits.
* RS232 output packet can be set with Header, Reader ID and Trailer.
* Internal LED and buzzer are configurable
* Weather resistant.


* Power Requirements: DC 6.5 V~12 V / 150mA
* Card Type: MIFARE 1K/MIFARE 4K Card
* Card Format: MAD1/MAD2 support
* RF Frequency: 13.56MHz Standard
* RF Distance: 50mm (With MFA01 Card)
* External control Audio / Visual Indication: Internal LED and Buzzer

* Dimensions: 83 (L) x 47 (W)x 16(H) mm
* Housing material: ABS

* Operating temperature Range: 0 to 60 Deg C.
* Operating relative Humidity: 10 ~ 90%.
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

* Access Control
* Time Attendance
* Guest Registration System
* Academic Services
* Information Services

Available versions:

MF700-10 can be used with cards issued from all sources (including from the PCR310U unit)
MF700-30 can ONLY be used with cards issued via the PCR310U unit

* MF700 SDK Containing:
----- MF700 configurable reader
----- MF700KIT configurable kit
----- Configurable cable
----- PCR310U card issue programmer
----- Card issue and utility software
----- 9VDC power adaptor
----- MFA01 MIFARE standard 1K card (3 pcs)

* MF700 Containing:
----- MF700 configurable reader
----- 100VAC/120VAC/230VAC adaptor for 9VDC output is optional.

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.