Promag PCR300M - Desktop MIFARE® Reader - USB/RS232

USB or RS232 Interface Desktop 13.56MHz MIFARE Reader

Promag PCR300 are desktop rfid readers which can be used for system logon/logoff, operator identification and many other desktop rfid applications.

PCR300 readers are available in several versions depending which card technology, casing and output you require:

Card Technology:
13.56MHz MIFARE (PCR300M)
125Khz RFID (PCR300A

Case Types: Cradle slot or flat casing

Output: Decimal or Hexadecimal

Cradle slot is designed to accept RFID card as below:
System Unlocked - System can be used when the registered card is sitting in the cradle slot
System Locked - System cannot be used when the registered card is removed from the cradle slot.


  • Power requirements: 5 V / 200 mA
  • Interface: USB (Virtual COM) or RS232
  • Supported Card Types:
    13.56MHz MIFARE (PCR330M)
    125kHz RFID (PCR330A)
  • Dimension (mm): W 65 X L 100 X D23 mm
  • Card dimension: 86 x 55 x 2 mm maximum

Available Versions

InterfaceUSB (Virtual COM) or RS232
OutputDecimal or Hexadecimal (option)

PCR-300/330 Part Numbers

PCR-300-AU - USB interface, 125kHz
PCR-300-AR - RS-232 interface, 125kHz
PCR-300-MU - USB interface, 13.56Mhz (MIFARE version)
PCR-300-MR - RS-232 interface, 13.56Mhz (MIFARE version)
PCR-330-A - USB Keyboard Emulation, 125kHz
PCR-330-M - USB Keyboard Emulation, 13.56Mhz (MIFARE version)
PCR-330-U - USB Keyboard Emulation, 125kHz (HID & Wiegand)

Key Features

  • 13.56MHz MIFARE or 125kHz RFID
  • USB (virtual COM) or RS232 interface
  • Cradle slot or flat casing